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Rock n Roll & Jive 

Here at Dance Wise we teach modern jive with foot movements.


Learn to partner dance with Jive is the largest and fastest growing dance style in the UK.


Jive is easy to learn and great fun. It is a fantastic way to keep fit and a very sociable way to spend an evening. One of the other great things about learning Jive is that there's no need to come with a partner. Our teaching style means everyone changes partners during the class.


Learning to Jive is a great way to keep fit, socialise and enjoy a complete night out.


Come and join the hundreds of new people who are learning.


Our classes are fun and friendly and there is no need for a partner as we constantly change partners.  We have beginners class every Monday evening from 8pm.


Come along and join one of our  Rock n Roll and Jive Dance Classes in Sidcup.


If you are a little nervous about joining a Jive then one or two private Jive lessons may be the answer. 

To book a Private Dance Lesson call 07548 660469


From £8

Classes for

Rock n Roll & Jive

Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm

All Levels -  we have multiple teachers.

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