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Salsa  is the most popular dance form at present in the world. 


Salsa music comes from the Caribbean and is hot, fast and sexy. Salsa is a rhythm and a dance, it is fun and exhilarating. Many foot actions fit the rhythm and styles vary according to where you are in the world or even which part of the country you are in.


Salsa is normally danced in clubs on small floors where space is limited so actions are fast and close, turns tight and close to partners, arms kept short.


We teach the most popular style which in New York/LA with a fusion of Cuban Salsa which incorporates a Mambo basic and uses the cross body leads with the more rotational actions used in Cuban Salsa


Our teaching style is the product of hard work, research and extraordinary experience combining styles from across the world including Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, , New York and Africa.


Our Salsa classes offer different levels to suit the progressing dancer.


Each Salsa class has a specialist beginners teacher that has been trained to show the moves in the simplest way possible. Our beginner salsa teachers fuse the learning process with fun and laugher. 


Each Salsa class has an advanced teacher that runs the improvers and intermediate class.  These teachers have great in-depth knowledge of Salsa and other Latin American rhythms.  They will expand your knowledge, answer your questions and inspire you to grow into great Salsa dancers.


Come along and join one of our Salsa Dance Classes in Sidcup.


If you are a little nervous about joining a Salsa Class then one or two private Salsa lessons may be the answer.  We offer private Salsa lessons at £49 per hour or £24.50 per half hour.  

To book a Private Dance Lesson call 020 8294 1576 or 07584 660469


From £8

Classes for Salsa

New Beginners Welcome

Beginners Classes

Improver & Advanced Classes

Multiple Teachers

Private Lessons

Wednesdays 9pm to 10.30pm

All Levels as we have multiple teachers.

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