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Wedding Dance

Private first dance lessons for couples who want to make a real show at their Wedding. It's your first step to your perfect first dance! Whether it’s an elegant english Waltz, Tantalizing Tango, a Sexy Salsa or a Fred & Ginger style Foxtrot our expert teachers and cheorographers specialise in turning even the most nervous novice into a confident performer and dancer.


Building confidence is essential to a great and fun performance. Learn at your pace, gain confidence and impress your wedding guests.


  • How many dance lessons will we need for our First Dance?

To dance to a complete track we recommend that you have between 4 and 6 lessons in order to make your dance feel special for you.  You are, however, welcome to take as many lessons as you require.


  • How long before the wedding should we start the First Dance lessons?

Most people come once a week, so if you are taking 6 lessons we advise you to start about aournd 10 weeks before your wedding.  You will be very busy in the last few weeks and you may have other commitments on a few of the weeks which might prevent you coming.

  • We do not have much time before the wedding, can you still teach us our First Dance?

You are very welcome to call us.  We shall be happy to help you if we have any lesson times available.  You may have time for one or two lessons so at least you will have the chance to learn some basic movements.


  • What do we have to wear for our First Dance lessons?

Please wear any clothes that you like that do not restrict movement.  Also wear some comfortable shoes, preferably not trainers as they can stick when you try to move across the floor.  Ladies may like to think about wearing shoes with a similar heel to the wedding shoes.  On the last lesson you may like to wear the shoes you will wear for the First Dance at your wedding.


  • We have never danced before and are concerned about taking lessons. Will you be able to teach us?

Do not worry about not having had lessons before.  We specialise in teaching         absolute beginners.  We will arrange your First Dance so that you feel confident and comfortable with what you do and enable you to make the dance memorable and impress your guests.


  • What type of routine will we learn?

We will discuss with you what you would like to achieve.  We can make the routine for your First Wedding Dance fit your song and be as simple as you would wish or as complicated as you can achieve in the time.  We will also ask about the bride’s dress and create the routine with that in mind.


  • What song should we choose?  

You can choose any song that you wish for your First wedding dance; maybe something that represents a special occasion for you; maybe something that you particularly like.

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